Project details

Architects: jvr architects & interiors
Interiors: Sarah Watermeyer Design
Type: New Residence
Location: Parkhurst, Johannesburg
Year: 2016
Contractor: Hodge Construction & Development
Landscaper: Shirley Wallington Landscaping
Photos by: Barry Goldman photography
*Awards: GIFA 2017 Award of Merit

Brief description of project

The property is positioned overlooking the Parkview Golf Course and sits of the banks of the Braamfontein Spruit. The awkward shape of the stand proved to be challenging in that the dramatic views of the house are to the south. This resulted in the northern façade being treated in such a way that the neighbours’ privacy was respected, while still allowing maximum northern light in through carefully considered fenestration and strategically placed skylights.

Due to the restricted footprint of the site, and the unique views to the golf course, it was decided that an entertainment area be designed on the roof. This roof area proved to be an ideal location for a vegetable garden as it is the sunniest area of the house and was an important component with regards to the brief.

The open plan living areas on ground floor form the central core of the building and it was decided from concept stage to light this area with a feature skylight and that the main circulation happens around this triple volume. All living spaces on located on ground floor and open up onto the southern garden with views of the golf course and spruit below. A small northern courtyard off the dining area was introduced to allow alfresco dining. Large glass cavity sliders were used to link the interior and the exterior spaces and allow for unobstructed views maximizing the golf course vistas.